Brand LCT
EAN 4712960032804
Length(mm) 570
Weight (g) 3160
Fire Modes Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 365
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.05
Approx. FPS 311~344
Main Materials Steel Receiver
Included (x1) AIM-Carbine-AEG
(x1) 140R Magazines
Compatible Magazines LCT-PK-121 - LCK47 70R Metal Magazine
LCT-PK-248 - LCK47 130R Metal Magazine
LCT-PK-107 - LCK47 600R Metal Magazine
LCT-PK-134 - LCK74 70R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-250 - LCK74 130R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-111 - LCK74 450R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-135 - LCK74 70R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-249 - LCK74 130R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-109 - LCK74 450R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-270 - LCK74 70R Magazine (Plum)
LCT-PK-271 - LCK74 130R Magazine (Plum)
LCT-PK-272 - LCK74 450R Magazine (Plum)
LCT-PK-359 - LCK-15 130R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-253 - LCKM 70R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-254 - LCKM 600R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-252 - LCKM 130R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-352 - LCK-12-K16 130R Magazine (BK)

LCT-PK-403 - LCK-16 2000R Electric Winding Drum Magazine
LCT-PK-381 - RPK 2000R Full Metal Electric Winding Drum Magazine
Compatible Batteries / Gas For all LCT AEG series:
If the FPS is about 362(110m/s) or above, the 11.1V 25C Li-Poly battery will be recommended.
If the FPS is bellow 362(110m/s), the 7.4V 25C Li-Poly battery will be recommended.

8048 - 7.4 v Slim Stick Tamiya