Brand Bolt
EAN 5060644102718
Length(mm) 500mm ~ 735mm
Weight (g) 3200
Fire Modes Semi/Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 270
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.00
Rails AK wooden Handguard
Approx. FPS 312 ~ 326
Main Materials Steel, Aluminum/ABS, Zinc, Bakelite, Wood
Compatible Magazines BLT-BA066B - Polymer 600R Hi Cap
BLT-BA003 - Metal 600R Hi Cap
Compatible Batteries / Gas 11.1V 15C 800 ~ 1000mAh
Other Info/Specs B.R.S.S.
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B.R.S.S. system simulates the recoil force of a real rifle by transferring the kinetic energy from piston to the reciprocating weight hammer inside the stock using a high efficient energy transferring mechanism.


BOLT - Elite Series


BOLT’s AK Series has the strongest recoil simulation system in the world. The length and weight of the Blowback system ensures a realistic firing experience.