E&L Airsoft established in December 2012.

In 2013, E&L had launched the most authentic Airsoft AEG AK – AKM / AKS-74N / AKS-74MN / AK-74MN / AK-104PMC, and received extremely positive feedback & comments - “Redefines Realism”, “Ultimate AK AEG”, “Masterpiece” etc, quickly provoked a strong reaction from the first distributing market - Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Europe.

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  1. ELAK74N AEG Essential ELAK74N AEG Essential
  2. ELAKM AEG Essential ELAKM AEG Essential
  3. ELAKMS AEG Essential ELAKMS AEG Essential
  4. ELAKS74UN AEG Essential ELAKS74UN AEG Essential