Colour Black
Brand Nuprol
EAN 5056444721433
MSRP (UK) £13.99
  • Specifically Designed for Airsoft Sidearms
  • 40-Slot orientation fixing to find the perfect angle
  • MOLLE Adaptors, Drop-Leg & Shoulder Harnesses Available


Holsters are supplied with a retention paddle, designed to be hooked under the waistline and fit securely to the hip. To improve retention, the face of the paddle is treated with a silicone coating, increasing friction and improving the fit to the body.


Should you not wish to use the paddle, NUPROL offer MOLLE adaptors, Drop-Leg adaptors and Shoulder Harnesses to secure your sidearm to other locations on your body.


NUPROL Perfect Fit Holsters Range


EU Series – RH (6200), LH (6200-L), RH Tan (6200-TN), RH Torch (6211), RH Torch Tan (6211-TN)

F/R226 Series – RH (6201)

Hi-Capa Series – RH (6209), RH Tan (6209-TN)

M92 Series – RH (6203)

1911 Series – RH (6202)

Big Bird / M&P Series – RH (6210)

GTP9/USP Series – RH (6567)

CZ Shadow Series – RH (6566)

LEGION Series – RH (6565