EAN 5060644107072
Length(mm) 360
Weight (g) 2202
Fire Modes Semi-auto
Barrel Length (mm) 257.7
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails No
Approx. FPS 110-100mps
Main Materials Alu Alloy
Included gun,4 magazines,manual,spare parts,patch,ect.
Compatible Magazines VGM-03-01 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Extented Magazine Black
VGM-03-02 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Gas Magazine Black
VGM-03-03 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Extended Magazine Black
VGM-03-04 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Magazine
VGM-03-05 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Extended Magazine Chrome
VGM-03-06 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Gas Magazine Chrome
VGM-03-07 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Extended Gas Magazine Chrome
VGM-03-08 Vorsk MEU/VX-9 Co2 Magazine Chrome
Compatible Batteries / Gas VCP-GAS-V6 - V6 GBB Fuel
VCP-GAS-V8 - V8 GBB Fuel
VCP-GAS-V12 - V12 GBB Fuel
Other Info/Specs CNC Finished Slide

The VX9 features a clean slide with an integrated signature ridge that runs the full length of the top of the slide and integrates the front and rear sights in this distinctive manner. The ridge is integrated into the mould and is one piece and not attached to the slide. We also have custom wood and rubber grips with inlayed rubber texturized sections that wrap around the lower frame/grip.

The VX9 also features threaded inner and outer barrels for barrel extension and the included Agency Silencer. Available in silver or black, and as a single model, the VX9 is also available as a “matched pair” in a special box featuring the two pistols, two magazines, and two extended magazines.

The Vorsk Agency VX Series and all other models from Vorsk are inspired by the finest and most advanced modern combat and competition handgun designs, VORSK translates these unique and innovative concepts to the Airsoft market in the form of a totally new range of GBB pistols.

VORSKs objective from initial concept to the market has been to provide robust, dependable GBB Pistols whilst also adding a touch of style & flair to your sidearm.

In order to achieve this, VORSK have taken time and care to discuss and develop these concepts with leading Airsoft players and established, successful Airsoft manufacturers. These concepts then moved into extensive development, with new moulds and production techniques ensuring a first class product range.

The results are a range of GBB pistols that are as effective on the field as they eye-catching on display.

Agency VX-9 is available in a few colour combinations:


  • Black Frame, Black Slide, Black Sights & Black Silencer
  • Silver Frame, Silver Slide, Black Sights & Black Silencer
  • Silver Frame, Silver Slide, Silver Sights & Silver Silencer


Read about the development of this model in Airsoft Action here:

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Effective, Elegance, Mission Ready