Bolt Airsoft are a top end, highly realistic airsoft rifle manufacturer based in Taiwan.

They pay serious attention to detail, quality and reliability and are constantly adding new models to their lineup.


Bolt Airsoft (Taiwan) is a new brand company in Automatic Electric Gun industry; we provide AEGs with powerful recoil movement able to use low voltage batteries.
Bolt Airsoft’s goal is to design AEGs close to a real gun and to satisfy survival/milsim game players as well as military collectors.                          
Powerful recoil movement and quality of material used are the keys to maintain our goals on track.


B.R.S.S. is a revolutionary design with International Patents Registered

With Tomy Lee’s knowledge, the development team at Bolt Airsoft has created a powerful recoil system called B.R.S.S – Bolt Recoil Shock System. B.R.S.S is a revolutionary patern, which usesof an outstanding design using kinetic energy produced by the piston’smovement, transfered to a Recoil weight in stock tube and subsequently generates a recoil simulation.
Such a new design has been gone through lots of various tests and finally led to B.R.S.S. birth !

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