Introducing PARRA Case

Introducing PARRA Case

Nuprol are pleased to be supplying a broad range of Hard Case Solutions from PARRA Case.

NUPROL are pleased to be supplying a broad range of Hard Case Solutions from PARRA Case.


PARRA Case’s range of products is vast, with Injection Moulded Waterproof Hard Cases, Rota-Moulded Military Cases, PARRA Lite Leisure Cases, Ammo Boxes, Coolers and a range of Dry/ Tool Boxes.


Waterproof Hard Cases

The PARRA range of WHCs are all Injection Moulded, manufactured from Polypropylene and toughened with the addition of Glass Fibre. The range includes 40 cases from 1.00 litre through to 200.00 litres in capacity. Filled with Pick & Pluck foam, these cases can be customised to accept almost any item deemed valuable enough to require this top-level protection. IP67 Ingress Protection, Shockproof, Crushproof and Chemical Resistant – PARRA Cases WHC products will continue to protect your precious items for years to come.

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Rota-Moulded Cases

Rota-Moulded cases are manufactured via Rotational-Injection Moulding. This manufacturing method ensures that the Polyethylene mix is evenly distributed throughout the mould and results in a stronger case than typical injection moulding. Due to this increased strength, savings can be made on the amount of material used with Rota-Moulded cases outer walls generally thinner, but just as strong as Injection Moulded cases.

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These colourful little Polycarbonate cases are ideal for keeping your personal items safe when the environment gets tough. These cases feature a 2-stage compression latch, keeping the contents secure. A non-slip, coloured base acts as a gasket to provide IP65 protection when closed. Due to this seal, a small PRV valve is fitted for when these cases go on flights overseas.

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Ammo Boxes

A selection of 50R & 100R ammo boxes for a range of calibres are available from PARRA.

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PARRA Coolers are designed with premium insulation technology to ensure the contents remain ice cold for days at a time.


Dry/ Tool Boxes

A selection of affordable Dry Boxes, perfect for items that require a carry case, but not the more expensive level of protection afforded by options such as the WHC and Rota-Moulded cases.


We encourage our customers to view the range supplied by PARRA. If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative.


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