Nuprol Eye Protection


They say that one of your biggest assets is your face, and an Airsoft Field can be a dangerous place for you to stick your head out. All the reason to invest in some quality Eye and Face Protection to keep the old ‘kisser’ looking fresh and ready for that important engagement away from the field. 


Our range has a style to suit everyone from glasses to goggles, with the ability to even be able to wear your prescription glasses/ lenses under your eye protection. 


All our lenses are EN166 rated with and impact rating of B, which is the European standard for protection. This means our lenses can withstand an impact from 0.86g ball up to speeds of 120m/s (400fps), which is more than enough for the airsoft field and beyond. The lenses have also had a scratch-resistant & anti-fog treatment to keep them in top condition for longer. An added feature is that all our lenses come with UV400 protection to help keep your eyes safe from UV rays.   


The lenses are fitted to a flexible impact resistant polymer frame along with an adjustable elastic headband, so you can be sure you’ll get a great fit. With a choice of lens colours to suit your environment. Clear lenses for use indoors or outdoors, smoked lenses for bright sunny days, and a yellow lens for an overcast day, to help your eyes on the prize. 


Our range is tailored to suit any player. Our Battle Pros are the perfect eye protection for someone who is looking for something simple and easy. The lens wraps around far enough to ensure BBs or fragments don’t enter the eye area from behind or the side. A polymer frame and elastic headband make it easy to ensure you get that perfect fit. 



The Defence Pros are a slightly more premium eye protection in our range. Still with the highly rated impact resistant lenses, but with an added pad around the frame to give you an even better fitment. 


For those of you still wanting to play with your prescription lenses, then the Nuprol Battle Visor is your go to. With a full seal around the eye area and still the EN166 impact rated lenses. With a wide elastic headband, you can be assured that you’ll get the best fitment. Prefect for that tactical operator look when paired with a helmet.    



Not only do we have an extensive range of lens protection available we also have a great range of mesh glasses for those players who prefer mesh. High-density, high strength polymer frame houses a custom mesh lens. Tested to CE safety standards our range has been awarded a CE certification for impact protection with an impact rating of F which will stop an 0.86g ball moving at 45m/s. Making them one of, if not the safest mesh eye protection on the market. 



Mesh eye protection is always fought over as to its pros and cons, but it is all down to the user's preference. With mesh protection, there are no worries about any fogging of the lens, with a 2x thicker steel mesh that is thicker than any imported low spec mesh.  



And we aren’t stopping there! Plenty more styles and even colours are in the pipeline.

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