Introducing the LEGION HOLSTER

Introducing the LEGION HOLSTER

Finding the perfect holster for your airsoft sidearm can be a bit of a chore. No longer with the NP LEGION Holster.


Tight tolerances on holsters to ensure the most perfect, tightest fitment often comes up against the minor tolerance differences between different Airsoft brands. Ever purchased a holster for your replica only for it to get stuck on the frames rail? Or for it to rattle about in what as far as anyone can tell you – is the correct holster for that platform.


Then there is the other problem with holsters – you need one for every pistol! Now don’t get us wrong, having a huge pistol collection is something we all dream of, but do we really have to buy a holster for each one to extend their use from being a great looking paperweight, to something practical on the field.


The latest product to join our Holster range may be exactly what you are looking for. The NUPROL LEGION HOLSTER is designed to fit over 200 platforms. Lets let that sink in… over 200 platforms! And it is not a mere pretender to the throne of the greatest Airsoft Holster like some other “Universal Holsters”, the NUPROL LEGION HOLSTER fits all of these platforms perfectly. So long as it can fit within the confines of the holster, you’ll be able to create a really secure fit by simply tightening the two screws along the top edge of the holster (sorry D-EAGLE fans).


The VORSK range of GBB Pistols come with an array of non-standard features. Raised Fibre Sights, Extended Rails, Forward Breachers... the LEGION Holster accepts them all.


As a part of the NUPROL Perfect Fit Holster range, the LEGION Holster comes with a Paddle to fit to your hip underneath a belt and trousers. The 40-slot orientation fixing point allows you to find your perfect draw-angle and with accessories such as the MOLLE adaptor, Drop-Leg Harness & Shoulder Harness, you can cover yourself in all of your favourite sidearms and ditch that cumbersome Primary forever! Or maybe not...

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