Vorsk VMP-2 Update

It has been a few weeks since we last updated you all on the VMP-2 series.


Since its wonderful reception at IWA 2024, the Vorsk team has been back in the “skunkworks,” tinkering and improving on what you all saw at the initial launch.

The team took all feedback and suggestions back to the drawing board and made a few significant changes to help improve the usability and experience of the VMP-2 series.


Here are some of the changes that have happened:

As you can see from the above image, the team has changed the way that the VMP-2 breaks down. With the addition of new body pins, the VMP-2 can be broken down more like the AR platform. This addition has allowed for easier maintenance, with the upper and lower receivers now splitting into separate parts, rather than the original design which required all the fire controls to be removed to access any of the internals.


This has, in turn, allowed for an easier “drop-in” ability for the trigger group, enabling the user to switch more efficiently between select fire and semi-only trigger groups if desired.



Newly designed selector area


After listening to feedback and opinions at IWA, the Vorsk team went away and redesigned not only the fire selector itself but also the surrounding area of the body. With a slightly larger selector switch and greater space on the lower receiver, usability has increased, providing more space for users who play with gloves.


On the initial release of the VMP-2 series, we displayed them with optics and attachments to “dress” them up. This was done solely for display purposes, but after reviewing the show, we realized we could not ship the product without some form of sight out of the box!


Of course, the Vorsk team jumped on this and designed and prototyped a set of raised fiber sights that will be included out of the box.


Some of you may already know about the adaptability of our inner barrel system, but if you don’t, let us share just how adaptable it is!


Looking to change your VMP-2D into a CQB machine? No worries! Just unthread the outer barrel and then the inner barrel, and install a shorter inner barrel and outer barrel. All while your hop unit remains undisturbed! This is thanks to the Vorsk team designing the inner and outer barrels to split an inch after the hop unit. We designed this in mind to keep modifications as inexpensive as possible to allow the player endless freedom.   


To support this, Vorsk will have different power nozzles and bolt groups to cater to different site limits.


As with a lot of new platforms, there are always teething issues and we have been very open and honest about this. As a team, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and are constantly working on this (which you may not see day-to-day). We have made sure with the release of the VMP-2 this is mitigated as much as possible and if you do need anything we have it, learning from our previous large launch. We will even have “upgrade” parts available soon and are in conversations with third parties to create even more aftermarket parts and accessories.


Here at Vorsk, we know it’s a frustrating wait for the VMP-2 to launch (trust us, we are in it with you!), but we are all so excited for it to be in players' hands and out in the field! We are working hard to bring you the best experience and content that we can. Going forward, we will have more in-depth video content being produced to help and guide you through your VMP-2 ownership.


More content and updates to follow.


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