Raven Extended Magazines


Has your sidearm ever locked back on an empty magazine just when you needed that firepower the most? Remedy this with the addition of extended magazines to your loadout.


Look no further than our range of Raven extended magazines. Raven’s range of extended mags covers all Raven and Vorsk pistols. From Hi-Capas to the R226, we have extended mags to suit your needs.


Not only do extended magazines offer a +50% increase in round capacity, but their larger size also features an expanded gas reservoir. This helps stabilize gas flow between shots, reducing FPS drop-off—another excellent reason to level up to extended magazines.


Constructed with full-metal bodies and equipped with polymer feed lips and followers, these TM-style magazines work perfectly with all Raven and Vorsk airsoft replicas. For optimal performance, always use premium airsoft BBs and remember to keep your magazines gassed during downtime away from the field.


Our extended magazines are available in both green gas and CO2 variants, making them suitable for year-round use.


Not only do they provide more rounds, but they also add a stylish touch to your pistol. See what we mean below!


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