NUPROL Power - New PDW LiPos and more Li-Ion!

NUPROL Power - New PDW LiPos and more Li-Ion!

The NUPROL POWER range is a vast selection of Airsoft Batteries & Accessories to power all variations of the Automatic Electric Gun (AEG).


Like many things in the world, Airsoft batteries can come in all shapes and sizes. You have short ones, long ones… stumpy & round to tall & skinny. You have lithium powered, nickel powered.. those with “Deans” and others with “Tamiya” connectors. Different capacities, different flow & burst rates... there is a lot of variation to satisfy the huge selection of modern AEGs the player can now choose from. Already supplying over 100 configurations, we’ve further extended the range with our new PDW LiPos and further improved the Li-Ion battery range.


The PERSONAL DEFENCE WEAPON (PDW) is a class of SMG designed to pack as much punch in as small a unit as is physically possible. In the real world they are ideal for specialist military & security roles where their lightness & maneuverability wins out over more bulky platforms. These ‘tighter proportions’ make them perfect for the Airsoft CQB arena, but cause one big problem – “How do you get a decent battery inside it?!”. NUPROL have now launched our “PDW” LiPo batteries. These compact little 600 mAh batteries are only 70 mm in length whilst still delivering flow rates of 20C & 40C (Continuous & Burst); perfect for M4 carbines with shortened PDW stocks and other small SMGs.


The PDW range do what they're designed for - fitting in small, compact rear-wired AEGs.


We have also extended our Li-Ion Battery Range. Not just supplying 1500 mAh & 2000 mAh batteries, we’ve now gone larger with new 2500 mAh & 3000 mAh batteries on offer.


Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries were once billed as a “new-dawn” of Airsoft power supply. It can perhaps be difficult to knock off the perceived champion (the LiPo battery) but there are plenty of reasons to consider a Li-Ion with your next AEG.


  • High Density – Li-Ion batteries of equivalent battery capacity to a LiPo, are generally smaller, allowing you to store more “shots” in the same size compartment.
  • Memory Effect – Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from the “memory effect” that LiPo batteries do. This allows them to maintain their peak capacity for years longer than a LiPo.
  • Same Voltages – at the industry standard of 7.4v & 11.1v LiPos, it is easy to find the equivalent Li-Ion for your AEG.
  • Cheaper – Li-Ion batteries tend to be cheaper than LiPo batteries of the same class.

NUPROL now supply 1500 mAh, 2000 mAh, 2500 mAh & 3000 mAh Li-Ion batteries.


Li-Ion Batteries have excellent properties making them a real alternative to LiPo batteries.


To compare the extremes, lets look at Lipo 3000 mAh (8063) and Li-Ion 3000 mAh (8171).


Lipo 8063 – 3000 mAh @ 20C means the battery will run flat in 3 minutes of continuous fire. The batteries size is around 150 cm3.


Li-Ion 8171 – 3000 mAh @ 10C means the battery will run flat in 6 minutes of continuous fire. The batteries size is around 75 cm3, so half that of the LiPo.


So Li-Ion, twice the number of shots, with half the battery volume at generally a cheaper price.


The two areas where the LiPo battery can win this battle is firstly, a Li-Ion battery can lose its charge over time when not used. So if its been 6 weeks since your last skirmish, you should consider topping-up the Li-Ions charge before heading to the field. Secondly, a Li-Ions burst rate is generally lower. than a LiPos. If you have an AEG that requires a lot of current to get that piston moving, LiPos may still be the way forward (think Electric Blow Back AEGs that are responsible for shifting the recoil-effect weight back and forth on top of firing your BBs).

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