The STF-12 - Italian Flair on the Airsoft Field

The STF-12 - Italian Flair on the Airsoft Field

Lets take a close and personal look at the range of licensed FABARM shotguns available from NUPROL.


Who are FABARM?

FABARM are a real-steel manufacturer of Rifles & Shotguns, supplying a wide range of customers from competition shooters to law enforcement, hunting to recreational shooters. Located in northern Italy, Brescia, near the foothills of the Alps and the famous Lake Garda, the FABARM engineers have plenty of inspiration to make beautiful rifles and shotguns (expected of any Italian designer), and they are indeed beautiful! Their traditional rifles & shotguns feature had crafted wood and gorgeous, embossed, stylized metal receivers. These ‘works of art’ (truly they are!) are not quite suitable for the Airsoft Field but one product of theirs that is, is the STF-12 Shotgun, from their ‘professional series’.


See the "Real-Steel" in action with the above promotional video from FABARM.



FABARMs STF-12 in their own words, is designed for “demanding operators looking for THE 21st century, pump-action shotgun”. To mention some of their real-steel manufacturing techniques, FABARM bore out entire lengths of Chrome Molybdenum for their barrels to maintain its molecular integrity and the frame is made of aircraft-grade 7075 T6 Aluminium Alloy – expensive but necessary design choices from a premium weapons manufacturer. Design features include ergonomic choices such as the comfortable swept pistol grip, adjustable stock and “Soft-Touch” polymer treatment to improve grip in wet environments. Practical features include a bespoke muzzle break and a medium contour barrel, both ensuring exceptional recoil control and long-range accuracy. An array of 20mm rail positions, sling points and a choice of length variations ensure that the STF-12 is suitable for any operator in all conditions.


With typical Italian design flair and modern manufacturing techniques, if even a small part of this pursuit for perfection filters down to the Airsoft Replica it is guaranteed to be both a headturner as well as an excellent performer - lets have a look!


The STF-12 Airsoft Replica is brought to us through the licenced partnership between FABARM and BO Manufacture.



So how does all this 21st century firearms design philosophy translate to the Airsoft Field? Well all of the ergonomic features directly translate making the STF-12 a very comfortable & easy to use replica. The Pistol Grip & Pump Action are treated in a really nice “soft-touch” finish which gives the replica a professional feel whilst also improving grip in wet conditions. The forward & rear sling points are present on the replica, ensuring the STF-12 can be an easily holstered secondary, waiting for its moment with room clearances and CQB engagements. Dependent on the model, you will find a 20mm flat-top and 20mm rail on the pump-action, great for aftermarket accessories such as holo-sights and torches/ laser units. The body of the STF-12 is covered in real-steel trademarks and user information, furthering the professional look of this replica. Shooting wise, the STF-12 takes one, 30 round capacity Airsoft Shotgun Shell which provides you with 10 trigger pulls, firing a 3-BB spread with every pump of this shotgun replica. Where the replica leans away from the real-steel version is the use of polymer instead of metal for the frame and fixings. A great decision in our minds, keeping the weight down to further qualify this replica as a potent secondary, or for fast paced CQB battles.


The BOFAB STF-12 Replicas are great performers, and certainly look the part.



NUPROL stock the spring powered versions of the BO FABARM STF-12 replicas. You can have an STF-12 in various “dress” and length options… with the fully “tact-up” standard model featuring all of the accessory rails, extended magazine tube and muzzle/ breacher device, whereas the “initial” models are dressed down for a less aggressive, but still exceptionally stylish option. Length options consist of a short (pistol), compact (shortened barrel & mag-tube) and the full length version. Available in Black, Grey or Tan.


The fully licensed STF-12 Airsoft Replica from BO Fabarm is certainly a contender for any Airsoft Shotgun armoury. It is a competent shooter, lightweight, able to take a range of aftermarket accessories and will look great as part of any airsoft loadout.


BO Fabarm STF12-11 Initial Compact - FDE.

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