Love your Replica with NUPROL Maintenance Products

Love your Replica with NUPROL Maintenance Products

Airsoft Fields and CQB Arenas are dirty, dirty places and we love it!


Laying prone in the dirt, charging through the bracken and having pyrotechnics exploding left, right and centre… It is this grittiness, this pure unadulterated fun that draws us back weekend after weekend to enjoy the sport we love.


But, all this dirt can get in places we don’t want it to, and we’re not talking about muddy car seats and soiled underwear, we’re talking about the replicas themselves. Every Airsoft player loves their RIF(s) (usually RIFs!) and we all need to treat those we love with the care & attention they deserve, an Airsoft Replica certainly needs this TLC after a day on site. It is for these reasons that NUPROL provide a great range of post-game-day maintenance products to keep your RIF performing at its best for years to come.



NEW – NUPROL Degreaser/Cleaner

Our newest product is the NUPROL DC (Degreaser/Cleaner). This is an excellent product to clean all of that nastiness out of your replica in preparation for a strip-down and re-oiling. Designed specifically for Airsoft Replicas, NUPROL DC removes all the dirt and grime whilst not degrading rubber seals (a feature not common on cleaning products such as this). Featuring a folding applicator, you’ll be able to get into all those hard to reach areas whereby you can sit back and literally watch the dirt run off your RIF. We’d always advise stripping your replica down at the start of a clean, but make sure you know what you’re doing as losing parts, or reassembling poorly can cause damage to your replica – always seek advice from the community or Airsoft business owners on best practices when breaking down replicas.


NUPROL DC comes with a folding applicator to help you get into those hard to reach areas.


NUPROL Maintenance Kit

For a comprehensive clean & service, look no further than the NUPROL Maintenance Kit. The Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to rejuvenate a GBB, AEG or Spring replica – both for cleaning and reapplying the required greases & oils. To aid in the clean, the kit includes a Cleaning Cloth & Brush, some Stick-Easy (great for pulling dirt out of corners, or even securing parts on disassembly) and some Oil Remover. Once clean, the reapplying of oils & greases to moving components & rubber seals is required. There is PTFE Gear Grease, great for AEGs bearings & gears, Silicone Grease for rubber O-rings, Bearing Oil for all Metal on Metal bits (such as metal slides on metal frames & hard to reach assemblies like GBB pistol hammer assemblies) and finally some Plastic Lubricant for both full Polymer replicas and Metal slides on Polymer frames. After all this love, your replica will return the favor, performing at its very best on its next outing whilst dramatically reducing the likeliness of failures or breakages in the future.


The greases provided within the Maintenance Kit are essential to achieve peak performance from your replica, whilst also warding off potential failures.


NUPROL Silicone Oil Spray

The last product in the NUPROL maintenance range is the Silicone Oil Spray. This small spray is great to use in between full-on strip cleans and should be as much of a companion to your replicas as your BBs, Gas, Tac-Gear… everything! Supplied with a tube applicator, the Silicon Spray is a great all-rounder, relubricating moving components and rubber seals whilst giving a basic clean (for best results, use after NUPROL Degreaser/Cleaner).


Use Silicone Spray post game days or after deep cleans to relubricate and treat essential O-Rings.


Getting to know your replica(s) and looking after them in the correct way is essential to responsible replica ownership. As stated previously, please seek advice on how to strip your replica to avoid any issues during assembly/ reassembly. To conclude, love your replica, and they’ll love you back, for an effective partnership in the arena and on the field.

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