We’ve received a large order of great Airsoft Accessories and Tactical Gear.

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CQB Arenas & Airsoft Fields can be colourful places. With Pyrotechnics, Glowing Tracers and an array of “Non-Tactical” replica finishes – Airsoft has come a long way since the days of Black & Tan loadouts. Now you can add some flair to the muzzle end of your replica with the NUPROL Rainbow Tracer Units. Available in three different styles, these Tracers not only illuminate Tracer BBs, they also produce a “Muzzle Flash” in an array of colours. This works great with GBB platforms as expelled gas gets illuminated at the muzzle by the Tracer Unit. Fixed colours can be used to add realism, or go nuts with the multi-coloured setting. See the range here.




We first brought in Airsoft Keyrings during the summer of last year and blimey! Have they been popular. On top of a great selection of pistol replicas (moving slides & removable magazine) we now have “Mini Tactical Vests” as well as the newest edition – the “FAST HELMET BOTTLE OPENER”, the perfect sidearm when relaxing post-game-day. See the range here.




Another new product is a vast selection of Camo Nets available to cover your fixed positions, hide assets or maybe just a nice bit of decoration for your airsoft armoury. Available in 10 different patterns, either as a 1.5x2m, 2x3m or 3x4m. The nets are fitted with a rope around the frame which keeps the nets rigidity whilst also helping you secure them on the field or at home.




Driving to the Airsoft Field in full dress ready for a game day can cause some funny looks and potentially awkward situations. Best to get prepared on site, and to do that, having the equipment to build your very own F.O.B in the carpark is a great addition to your airsoft armoury. Already NUPROL supply a great range of Gun Bags, Hard Cases & Rucksacks to transport your RIFs and Tactical Gear – now you need a fixed position to load magazines, apply suppressors, slings and just generally get your loadout ready for the day. See our new Rally Point Chair and Rally Point Table. The Table is a great product as it includes a storage bag to transport all of your days needs. See the range here.




An Airsoft Helmet does not only provide great protection from incoming BBs, but is also a base for improving game day performance with plenty of accessory options. Whether it is adding an NP ACTION CAMERA MOUNT to capture your days work… fitting with pouches, NVGs, or Signal Lights so your team mates can follow your path forward on the field – we offer a great selection of “Helmet Attachments” for you to consider.




This new shipment includes four new Tactical Vests as well as our 5th Micro Rig. These quality Airsoft Vests are made from the highly durable and waterproof CORDURA fabric so you can be sure they’ll survive the Airsoft Field. They are all fully adjustable with MOLLE straps for customisation, and we’re also supplying a separate NP MOLLE PANEL that you can swap out with APEX & ONYX forward ammunition pouches. See the range here.




NUPROL already supply a 1-Point, 2-Point and 3-Point sling as well as a few other options from our distribution partners. Our newest Sling option is the TWO POINT SHOULDER STRAP SLING which includes a padded Shoulder Strap as well as “Quick Release” tabs so you can quickly, easily adjust your sling retention whilst on the field. See the range here.




Airsoft can be a frustrating hobby during the week. When CQB Arenas, Airsoft Fields & Firing Ranges are all closed or simply too far away to get to… what to do with your small armoury at home? You could get on with some Airsoft Maintenance (see our previous BLOG post) but what you really want to do is get some rounds off and hone your skills. NUPROL offer some great “home” target systems to keep you entertained away from the field. Our newest products are the “NP Seesaw Target” & “NP Twin Star Target” – both pivot and move as targets are removed by well-placed shots – excellent for Target Acquisition training. See the range here.


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